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Advent Children’s Museum raises nearly 10 million yuan in seed round

2019/8/2 10:15:28
Advent Children’s Museum, a Shenzhen-based children’s education provider founded in Feb 2018, announced it has raised nearly 10 million yuan in its seed funding round, with BE Capital as the lead investor. The company said it would use the funding to research and develop museum content and exhibitions.
The children’s museum is designed to let children learn through interaction and gamification and inspire children to develop deeper understanding of academic subjects and the world.
Children’s museums have been around for nearly 100 years in the West. Statistics show that the 10 children’s museums in the United States have visitor numbers equivalent to 26% of the urban population, while in Boston the visit number is near the level of the city’s population.
China currently has few children’s museums and is in desperate need of quality museums for children and educators.As young parents in China increasingly value developing all-rounded abilities in their children, there is a trend of moving away from rote learning and pursuing upgraded education.
Advent Children’s Museum is a commercial operation offering a new type of education setting beyond schools and education institutions. It offers courses for children of 2-6 and training for parents and child education teachers. It also holds exhibitions for children aged 3-10, with creative and innovative tools and activities.
Advent Children’s Museum founder Beibei Li said the museum will provide children with innovation education, encouraging and cultivating children’s curiosity, thinking and propensity to try different things and ask questions.The company believes children's museums will gradually become an alternative for learning and a channel for attracting spending on children’s education.
BE Capital president Qiu Yanfeng said learning at museums will become an important form of children education. Advent Children’s Museum, as a pioneer in this field, has established partnerships with many businesses and gained government support thanks to its expertise in this sector. “We believe it will help build China’s children’s museum sector,” he said.

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